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OUD SYNTH 184007 D

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Material Code: 184007 D
Olfactive Family: Oud, Leathery, Woody

An authentic reconstitution of Agarwood Oil.

Our OUD SYNTHETIC, is a reconstitution of Agarwood oil, made of a well-balanced association of Ingredients blended together to create an inspiring Firmenich specialty. It is intensely woody, animalic and reminiscent of vetiver, with sweet balsamic undertones.

It is a true favorite of the Middle East region and a cost effective approach to the emblematic Oud Oil.

Process: Composition

A base is a well balanced association of ingredients, some of which are captives, blended together to create an inspiring specialty. The composition may be a unique technical solution to create natural reconstitutions. They are the result of a close collaboration between Firmenich perfumers and specialists from our Natural Ingredients Center of Expertise.


In the Middle East Oud is known as black gold, a pungeant and prized ingredient that comes from one of the rarest and most expensive woods in the world, Agar (Aquilaria) tree. Only one in a hundred specimens contains the precious resin, a defense mechanism secreted by the tress when it is infected with a certain fungi.  As there, was an over exploitation, Aquilarias are now protected in many countries.