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Material Code: 947303
Olfactive Family: Musky

Olfactive Description 

An extremely elegant and substantive musk note.
It is typical of macrocyclic musks with a warm and slightly woody undertone.

Perfumery Usage 

HABANOLIDE® is a very powerful musk.

It combines the strength and tenacity of the aromatic musks with the pleasantness and elegance of the macrocyclic musks. Excellent in all applications.

Process: Chemical  Synthesis

Chemical synthesis corresponds to the construction of complex chemical compounds from simpler ones. Our R&D follows the principles of Green chemistry whenever possible.


The Macrocyclic musks are divided into two categories: Found in nature and discovered around 30-40’s: EXALTOLIDE®,EXALTOLIDE® TOTAL, MUSCONE, CIVETTONE. Discovered in Firmenich Research Laboratories around 90’s: HABANOLIDE®, EXALTENONE, MUSCENONE