How to create your distinguished perfume?

# How to create your distinguished perfume?

Creating a Perfume its an art itself which requires skills, years of training, hard work and dedication.
Probably this is why there are more astronauts on earth than Master Perfumers.
Perfumist in space
To begin, you will need Quality ingredients to create your perfumes. Industry-grade standard perfumery ingredients in small quantities and responsibly sourced might be hard to find. We are making this easy by offering you exactly this on Firmenich Ingredients Middle East & Africa – Firmenich Ingredients MEA

How to formulate?

Creativity needs to spark. Think about what your desired outcome of the formulation is. What is the type of scent you want to achieve? Is predominantly floral, woody or a combination of both? How many notes do you want to highlight?

A fragrance can include dozens of raw materials. When starting, its recommended you keep it simple. Base notes or dry-down notes have a lingering warmth and depth, providing a lasting impression and adding complexity to a scent. Typical base notes in perfumes are woody notes like the ones provided by Sylvamber, floral notes like Damascenone or musk notes like  Habanolide.

Always write your formula down, this will allow you to recreate it once your creation is complete and you are satisfied with it.

Evaluate and rework.

It’s recommended to use scent strips while evaluating, both pure ingredients and perfumes.

You might find yourself going back and forth, removing, and adding before you like the final perfume, always thinking on the initial brief.

One last tip is to consider dilutions to achieve the smell of an ingredient is not overwhelming or compact. Dilution involves some math, either if you want to dilute to 10% or 1%, the more diluted, the more solvent you will use.

 Now is time you start experimenting this fascinating world.

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